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Beach Cup Holder
This amazing cup holder will hold any size drink at the beach and keep it clean!

Now you can have the perfect place to put your favorite drink at the beach while you relax and enjoy the day.
 The KAZ e KUP® is the ultimate in beach accessories providing a cup holder that can be put along side your blanket or your beach chair or near your volleyball game or horseshoe pit making sure your drink is always close by and fresh.

It's patented technology allows the KAZ e KUP® to hold any size drink even with a Coozie and protect it from the sand and wind always keeping your beverage fresh and clean all day long.
 The KAZ e KUP® also provides a great place to store your sun glasses, keys,  or suntan lotion keeping them out of the sand and clean.

The beach poles easily remove from the bottom making stacking and carrying easy and then when you get back to your car this amazing cup holder will actually fit in your cars cup holder and improve it's function.

Holds all size drinks
Use it at the beach and use it in your car.

The KAZeKUP Beach Cup Holder is a unique Beach Drink Holder that allows you  to keep your favorite drinks out of the hot messy sand even on the windiest of days. The KAZeKUP holds a large variety of drink sizes and also makes a great place to store your keys, Sunglasses, lotions and more.

Guaranteed to  be your favorite accessory at any beach or outing keeping you and your drink clean and fresh all day long. Never before has there been a cup holder that is capable of going from your car, truck, or RV cupholder right to the beach.
The KAZ e KUP® offers so many great benefits for both.

Easily Add a beach pole and
Use it at the beach!

Easily remove the beach pole and
Place it in your auto cup holders
Holds any size drink
Keeps your car clean.

Our Guarantee is Simple
 You Will Absolutely Love Your KAZeKUP Beach Cup Holder
 Your Money Back for 90 days!

Including your Original Shipping Cost!

The KAZeKUP and 7 3/4" Beach Pole Set

Buy 2 GET 1 FREE
Limited Time Offer

Choose Your Color- KUP and Beach Pole Set


2 KAZeKUP® and Double Pole Set
Now Only
$25.95 Each

Choose Your Color-Double Pole Set


The KAZeKUP® Ultimate Cup Holder holds your favorite beverages securely away from the hot sandy mess of the beach.

Totally portable and weighing almost nothing you will never want to be without your KAZeKUP® again.

The beach pole conveniently removes from the KAZeKUP letting you carry it with ease. Fits in any backpack or beach bag

The unique patented design of the KAZeKUP® allows you to protect your drink from the salt and sand and enjoy your day at the beach.



And check out the added BONUS you get when purchasing the KAZeKUP® Beach Cup Holder

The KAZeKUP® has been designed to fit into any cup holder and improve its function.
That's right! The amazing features of the KAZeKUP that allow it to hold any size drink and catch spills and drips can be used in your auto cup holder, RV cup holder, boat cup holder, and more!

 Simply place the KAZeKUP® into any cup holder and improve its function instantly.

The KAZeKUP® has been recognized for its "Innovative Excellence"
in "Vehicles and Transportation" by INPEX®


Catch spills and drips
Hold almost any size drink
Convert cup holders that are either too big or too small
Keeps your cars, trucks, and RV's Clean

"The Best part of the KAZeKUP® is that I am always using it in my car anyway
 so when I get to the beach I get to use it there too. I just love that!  Linda G.

It's Fun and easy to use the KAZeKUP® at the beach.

Now you can have the best when it comes to holding your favorite beverage at the beach.

Simply push the beach pole into the sand add your KAZeKUP® and add your favorite drink.


Choose your color and style of KAZeKUP® and Beach Accessories
The KAZeKUP® comes in 5 great colors
Black, White, Lavender, Seafoam Green, and Cobalt Blue.

The KAZeKUP and 7 3/4" Beach Pole Set

Buy 2 GET 1 FREE
Limited Time Offer

Choose Your Color- KUP and Beach Pole Set


2 KAZeKUP® and Double Pole Set
Now Only
$25.95 Each


Choose Your Color-Double Pole Set


There are many other accessories that can be used with the KAZeKUP® Ultimate cup holder.
There is a tailgate stand, a camping stake, magnets and a 1" spring clamp.
Use Your KAZeKUP® virtually anywhere you ever wanted to.
Check out for more info

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